Mu-Iota Chapter is the only Deaf chapter among 300+ chapters within Kappa Sigma Fraternity, and it is with our greatest prides to have this chapter being on the campus of Gallaudet University, a home to many Deaf people.  Within this chapter, we have brothers that are motivated to return something back to Gallaudet University for allowing us to have a place to call home for.

Installation of Mu-Iota

The Mu-Iota Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity was installed on December 10, 1983. The Mu-Iota Chapter still stands alone as the only Deaf chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity for 35+ years and still counting.

The history of Mu-Iota Chapter is rich, from the day of its founding here on Kendall Green at Gallaudet University to the present day. Autumn Blaze is one of the traditional events that Mu-Iota Chapter always host every year for well over 25 years. Brothers, both active and alumni, are honored to be made from this chapter, the leading Deaf/Hard of Hearing chapter out of over 400 chapters all over in the United States and Canada.

The Four Pillars of Kappa Sigma


We welcome students to a place where they may feel safe enough to call home for, and to find lasting friendships


We help our brothers to grow in character and leadership skills for life. In the brotherhood, we learn of our strengths and weaknesses and seek to become gentlemen for the community.


We ensure that Brothers and students are comfortable enough to be able to finish with their studies at Gallaudet University.


We emphasize the importance of giving back to the community where we live. We are active involved in our campus to support campus life, environment, and people.

Our Accomplishments

LIst them

Founding of the Order

On a cold snowy evening, December 10, 1869, our five friends and brothers, gathered at 46 East Lawn at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia to bring a new fraternity to the fraternity world, which we know of is Kappa Sigma Fraternity.


The Order grew slowly until one fateful night, when a youngster, by the name of Stephen Alonzo Jackson, was initiated into the Secrets of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. After that night, the future of the Fraternity is changed forever.

Brother Stephen Alonzo Jackson immediately began working as soon as he was initiated into Kappa Sigma Fraternity. He threw himself into the task of expanding and refining the Ritual of Kappa Sigma. He would labor on the Ritual until its unveiling at the Grand Conclave in 1889. The Ritual still stands today, as one of Kappa Sigma Fraternity's finest icons. Brother Jackson also expanded the reaches of Kappa Sigma to other university campuses and worked ceaselessly on revising the structure of the Order. When Brother Jackson died in 1892, he left an huge legacy to the Fraternity. It was said of him, at his death,


"He needs no other mounment than the Fraternity."


The Fraternity grew rapidly over the years, installing chapter after chapter at the universities all over the nation. Kappa Sigma arrived at Gallaudet University exactly 114 years after Kappa Sigma Fraternity's founding. On December 10, 1983, the Mu-Iota Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity was installed, and its founding members initiated into the Secrets of Kappa Sigma Fraternity.


Now, over twenty-five years after the chapter's installation on December 10, 1983, the Mu-Iota Chapter has grown to include over 500 initiated brothers who remain in close bonds with their chapter and have appreciated the friendship and brotherly love spread between brothers within the Mu-Iota Chapter and brothers from all other Kappa Sigma chapters found over the world.


Kappa Sigma boasts over 250,000 initiated brothers, giving any Kappa Sigma brother unprecedented contacts wherever he may travel, in foreign countries, or even in his own.


Kappa Sigma International Headquarters gives out over $250,000 annually in scholarships to its Brothers through its Endowment Fund. Each Kappa Sigma chapter also gains the advice and support of volunteer alumni who donate their time to the growth of the Chapter. Those alumni who volunteered gain training and support from our International Headquarters.


We are the only deaf chapter within the Kappa Sigma fraternity for 35 years and counting! It is an honor to introduce ourselves to you!


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Gallaudet University

Washington, DC 20002

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