Fall 2020 Recruitment

Join Kappa Sigma

Kappa Sigma’s pledge education process involves cultivating the new member with the basic knowledge necessary to understand the Fraternity’s history, founding, growth, leadership structure, and responsibility within the Greek community as a whole.

On a more personal level, the pledge program cultivates time management and personal development skills which become critical throughout college and beyond. In addition, emphasis is placed on the importance of responsibility to one’s self in terms of academic, fraternal, and community obligations.

Criteria for Membership

  • Full Time Student Status with Good Standing

  • Cumulative GPA: 2.3 or higher Earned

  • Undergraduate: 12 or more Credits Hours has been Earned

  • Graduate: At least 9 or more Credits Hours has been Earned

  • ***First Year or Transfer Student will not enter in the first semester until you receive a Cumulative GPA and Credits Hours has been earned at end of the semester, then you will be able to enter the second semester. Also, you can fill out the form for now and after that we will put your name on the list for the next semester.***


Kappa Sigma of Gallaudet University was the first national or international fraternity ever established at a university for the deaf and continues for 35 years and counting! It is an honor to introduce ourselves to you!


Gallaudet University

800 Florida Ave NE 

Washington, DC 20002

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